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Small common sense of electric forklift maintenance

Many advantages of electric forklifts In addition to the low noise and no exhaust emissions, the use and maintenance costs of electric forklifts have a great advantage over internal combustion forklifts. Due to its simple and flexible operation control, the electric forklift is much lighter than the internal combustion forklift. Its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are all controlled by electrical signals, which greatly reduces The labor intensity of the operator is very helpful for improving the efficiency of work and the accuracy of the work.
Maintenance cost: maintenance cycle, the maintenance cycle of electric forklift is two to three times longer than that of internal combustion forklift. Usually, the maintenance cycle of internal combustion forklift is up to 500 working hours, and many electric forklifts can reach more than 1000 hours. Maintenance cycle. Maintenance and maintenance, electric forklift maintenance is much easier than internal combustion forklift maintenance, usually only need to lubricate some joint activities such as gantry bearings, steering axle and other major inspection and cleaning, up to every 2000 or 3000 hours To replace the hydraulic oil, gear oil and hydraulic oil filter, the other materials required are very limited. In addition to lubrication, internal combustion forklifts must replace the engine oil and oil filter every 500 hours, and replace hydraulic oil, oil, transmission oil and these oil filters every 1000 hours. Also replace the belt.
The time required for maintenance, because the maintenance interval of the electric forklift is much longer than that of the internal combustion forklift, and the time required for each maintenance is much less than that of the internal combustion forklift, which greatly saves the labor cost required for maintenance. More substantially, the downtime of the forklift is greatly shortened, which makes it difficult to calculate the economic benefits of improved forklift efficiency.
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