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How to maintain the forklift battery

The performance of the forklift battery (hereinafter referred to as the battery) will directly affect the use of the electric forklift, and the daily inspection and maintenance of the battery should be done in strict accordance with the specifications.
Daily maintenance;
The battery should be charged immediately after each discharge.
Each discharge shall not exceed 80% of the total battery capacity.
2. Weekly maintenance;
Check that the cable screws between the battery units are fixed.
If the battery is not equipped with an automatic dosing system, check the height of the electrolyte after charging. When the liquid level is lower than the allowable liquid level (the height of the insulation plate or the specified height), the qualified distilled water should Be added to the specified height; when it is higher than the allowable liquid level, it should be taken out to the specified height.
Check for water in the battery compartment and find that the water must be drained immediately.
Monthly maintenance
Before the end of charging, check the voltage of all the electrode units and the battery and record them.
After the end of charging, the electrolyte density and temperature of each cell should be measured and recorded. If there is a big difference from the previous measurements, ask a professional to check them.
Annual maintenance;
The battery is inspected by a professional every year for the insulation resistance of the forklift and the insulation resistance of the battery.
Check the charger according to the instructions to ensure that all functions are normal.
V. General precautions;
The battery should be kept clean and dry to avoid leakage current.
If there is liquid in the battery box, it must be sucked out immediately with a straw.
If the paint inside and outside the battery is damaged, it should be repaired immediately to protect the outer box from corrosion and corrosion.
If the battery unit needs to be replaced, it should be done by a professional.
Storage of the battery;
Store the battery in a dry, frost-free place.
If the battery is to be stored for a long time, it should be compensated once a month.
Please note that storage for too long can affect the overall battery life.

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