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Analysis on the Necessity of Using Refrigerator Special Forklift in China's Cold Storage Operation

It is understood that the new version of the "Food Safety Law" will be implemented on October 1, 2015, and the cold chain logistics industry will be promoted by legal means. This requires the use of efficient and stable handling equipment in all aspects. The biggest difference between cold storage forklifts and ordinary forklifts is that they have to enter and exit the warehouse and cold storage frequently. Frost frost is the main problem.
Cold storage environment characteristics
1, according to the temperature range is divided into 4 types of cold storage
High temperature library L grade +5 to -5 degrees Celsius, mainly used for storing vegetables, eggs, herbs, wood preservation and drying;
Medium temperature library D grade -10 to -18 degrees Celsius, mainly used for storing meat, aquatic products and other products suitable for this temperature;
Low temperature library J grade -23 to -28 degrees Celsius, mainly used for ice cream, ice cream and low temperature food;
Ultra-low temperature library below -30 degrees Celsius, quick-frozen food and industrial, medical and other special purposes.
High temperature warehouses do not require special cold storage forklifts, and other cold storages require cold storage forklifts.
2. Working environment with extreme temperature and humidity changes
Especially in the south and coastal areas, the outdoor environment humidity is high, so the humidity in the charging area and loading area outside the cold storage is much higher than in the cold storage. The forklift operates in the cold storage for more than half an hour, the surface temperature is close to the ambient temperature in the cold storage, and the forklift is opened out of the cold storage. When entering the charging area or loading area, the surface will show condensation and condensation in a short time.
Hardware requirements for cold storage forklifts
Metal parts require special anti-rust treatment;
Rubber parts need to choose low temperature materials to ensure their working condition at low temperature;
The wheel is made of low-hardness polyurethane material, the surface is grooved to prevent slipping and sufficient load-bearing capacity, and the hardness is generally 72SH;
The application characteristics of forklift in the cold storage
1, frequent access to cold storage to carry goods
This type of operation is suitable for balancing heavy battery forklifts and battery hand pallet trucks. It is a common way of plane handling. It is the first choice for plane handling. It has low waterproof requirements for forklifts. Forklift hardware (such as oil pipes, oil seals, etc.) The life of the damaged part is relatively long.
2, long-term processing of high shelf stacking and unloading
Due to the different working characteristics, the task of the narrow roadway stacker is to stack the goods transported into the cold storage to the high shelves, or to pick up the goods from the high shelves to the ground, so it is continuously operated in the cold storage. The time is relatively long.
3. Use of different grades of vehicles in different cold storage environments
A -18 °C refrigerated truck shall not work for more than one hour in a cold storage tank above -18 °C;
The -30 °C refrigerated truck can be used in a cold storage at -18 ° C. There is no time limit. The working time in the cold storage at -18 ° C to -30 ° C must not exceed 15 minutes / hour;
The -40 ° C refrigerated truck can be used in a cold storage at -18 ° C, no time limit, work in the cold storage of -18 ° C to -30 ° C can not operate for 3 hours, must be outside the cold storage for half an hour or rest the same time. Working hours in the -40 ° C cold storage should not exceed 15 minutes / hour.
The effect of battery discharge characteristics on the use of cold storage vehicles
Due to the chemical nature of the battery, the freezing point of the electrolyte has a great relationship with the specific gravity. Under low temperature conditions, the battery cannot discharge normal electricity.
1, the freezing point of the electrolyte
The freezing point of sulfuric acid with a specific gravity of 1.13 is around -12 °C.
The freezing point of sulfuric acid with a specific gravity of 1.29 is around -60 °C
Below zero, the battery can discharge less than 60% of the total capacity
2. Precautions in the selection and use of the battery
Choose high-end brand batteries to ensure the use of the forklift and change the battery time;
Try to keep the battery in a full state, and ensure that the specific gravity of the battery electrolyte is in a high specific gravity state;
The forklift and battery should be preheated before entering the cold storage;
Keep the battery surface dry and the battery liquid level high.
Cold storage vehicle use precautions
All cold storage vehicles cannot be shut down and parked in the cold storage, otherwise the hydraulic system and electrical system may be damaged;
Before entering the cold storage, all cold storage vehicles must perform hydraulic and walking actions until the temperature of each component rises and enter the cold storage;
According to the different cold storage class, operate in the cold storage according to the standard sustainable working time;
If the condensed water is generated on the surface after the vehicle is out of the warehouse, it must be dried or wait for the condensed water to dry before it can enter the cold storage again;
Use cold storage special oil, regular maintenance and replacement;
Shorten the maintenance cycle of the lubrication point and prevent the early wear of the lubrication point;
After the battery is discharged, it can not be vacant for a long time, timely charging and maintaining a high specific gravity of the electrolyte to prevent the battery electrolyte from freezing;
Different models work together to improve the efficiency of various models in the cold storage;
When the cold storage fails, the vehicle must be removed from the cold storage as soon as possible and repaired in the buffer zone or maintenance area.
The cold storage type forklift is a special handling machine. Its use and maintenance methods are directly related to the service life of the forklift. The professional recommended models and the cooperation of various models and professional maintenance can ensure the effective utilization of the cold storage type forklift. Integrity and service life.
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