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How to avoid the explode of lithium battery

 As we all know, the large capacity and long service life are the advantages of the lithium battery pack of the forklift. Under the drive of the big environment, lithium batteries are getting more and more attention. However, as the market continues to develop, the problems of lithium batteries are also endless, causing people's hot discussions, such as bulging, easy to explode. So is the lithium battery really a mobile bomb? Why does it explode? After our analysis, the main reasons for the explosion can be divided into three types: external short circuit, internal short circuit and over charge. Let us take a look at these three "culprits" that may lead to the explosion of lithium batteries.

1. External short circuit: refers to the external part of the battery core, including the short circuit caused by some factors such as poor internal insulation design of the lithium battery pack of the forklift truck. It may also be caused by improper operation and this will happen. If a short circuit occurs outside the cell and the electronic component does not cut off the circuit, the battery will discharge a large amount of time, which will cause the battery temperature to rise. Excessive temperature will cause damage or direct damage to the diaphragm inside the cell. Leading to a short internal and triggering the most fearful explosion!
2. Internal short circuit: Once a short circuit occurs inside, the battery current of the lithium battery pack of the forklift will be discharged a lot, generating a large amount of heat energy, which will cause a large amount of gas to be formed inside, which will cause the internal pressure to be excessive, and when this pressure reaches the battery core Explosion occurs when the outer casing cannot withstand it!
3. Overcharge: When the battery is overcharged, it may cause the lithium of the positive electrode to be excessively discharged, which will cause the battery structure to change. The lithium of the negative electrode will not be inserted into the negative electrode, which will lead to lithium deposition on the surface. When the voltage reaches 4.5V or higher, the electrolysis The liquid will decompose to produce a large amount of gas. Overcharging may cause various dangerous situations such as liquid leakage, deformation, and fire, and serious explosions may occur!

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