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Sharing the green mountains and green waters, spelling out Jinshan Yinshan

Sharing the green mountains and green waters, spelling out Jinshan Yinshan - Zhongli Double 11 "hot" opens

On November 11th, it has become a shopping festival with Chinese characteristics, and the sales of major e-commerce platforms are hot. With the help of the Internet, Amu Industrial Platform has made industrial products on the road of online marketing and has become a highlight of the industry. On this occasion, in the green mountains and green waters, Zhongli held a variety of activities at the Anji factory to promote the green development of the company and create a new business model, attracting more than 300 industry merchants to gather here and share the green mountains and green waters. , work together to create new developments.

Factory location

Sharing Green Mountain Green Water The 2nd China Forklift Industry Off-Road Racing Competition
After a year, since the first China National Forklift Industry Off-Road Race Competition held last year, it has been favored and sought after by many participants. On the 11th, Zhongli held the second China forklift industry off-road riding competition. Most of the riders came from dealer representatives in the forklift industry. The starting point of the competition is the Lingfeng Temple, the famous scenic spot in Lingfeng Mountain. It is connected to Meiling Line-Meiling Road-Xueyun Road. It is about 7km in one way and 3 rounds around the road. The total time is 20km. The least will win the championship.

The cycling competition not only reflects the team's spirit of cooperation, but also allows people to exercise in the spare time, embrace nature and enjoy the freshness of the green mountains and green waters. Through a tight and orderly competition, the "Lion Lions" won the second Chinese forklift industry cross-country cycling team championship.
After the game, He Jinhui, the chairman of Zhejiang Zhongli Machinery Co., Ltd., and Zhang Jie, the secretary general of the Industrial Vehicles Branch, presented the championship trophy for the “Lion Club”.

Part of the game

The Zhongli cycling competition is more about spreading the ecological concept of green environmental protection. Just like treating industrial products, it focuses on developing green products and advocating the concept of green development of enterprises. At this event, Zhongli has launched a number of new energy forklifts. Share with guests, create green products and share innovations.

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