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What is the composition of the forklift working device?

What is the composition of the forklift working device?

The forklift working device is the working part of the forklift truck for loading and unloading operations. It is one of the important components of the forklift truck. It bears all the load and completes the loading, unloading, lifting and landing of the cargo.
The inner door frame is located on the inner side of the outer door frame, and the upper beam is provided with a lifting sprocket. The outer wall of the inner door frame is provided with longitudinal and lateral rollers for rolling in the outer door frame to reduce the movement resistance.
The hoisting chain bypasses the hoisting sprocket on the inner gantry, one end is fixed to the cross member of the outer gantry, and the other end is connected to the forklift. When the plunger rod of the lifting cylinder is raised, the inner mast and the fork can lift the cargo.

The basic type of forklift frame is two-stage gantry. The inner and outer gantry are arranged in overlapping, side-by-side and integrated. The outer gantry column is generally groove-shaped and can be pressed and welded with steel. The outer gantry plays the role of the inner gantry movement, and its two parallel columns are firmly welded together by the upper beam, the middle beam and the bottom plate.
The inner gantry column is made of a trough, an I-shaped or a profiled steel structure. Its two parallel columns are firmly welded by the upper and lower beams.

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