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heavy forklift boosts VIX logistics company in Brazil to increase productivity and efficiency

Kalmar heavy forklift boosts VIX logistics company in Brazil to increase productivity and efficiency

Kalmar has contracted with Brazil's VIX Logistics to provide five heavy-duty forklifts with WOKO magnetic lifting magnets. The order also includes the Kalmar Insight remote monitoring system for parts service and performance management tools, which has been entered into Cargotec's first quarter 2019 order.

Headquartered in the state of Espirito Santo in southeastern Brazil, VIX Logistics has operations in 80 locations and employs more than 8,000 people. Services include fleet leasing and management, personnel transportation, material handling, automotive logistics and dedicated logistics. The company currently has 38 Kalmar forklifts, primarily for material handling and logistics operations.

Bruno Pretti Chiepp, head of VIX Logistics, said: “The Kalmar forklifts performed very well in our fleet, so we naturally chose Kalmar when purchasing new equipment. We are very much looking forward to new equipment that will enhance our operational flexibility and efficiency. To improve the productivity of the entire fleet. The performance management tool Kalmar Insight remote monitoring system will also help us optimize operations and improve maintenance plans."

Erika Barbosa, vice president of marketing for Kalmar Latin America, said: “We are very pleased to expand our cooperation with VIX Logistics with new forklift orders. Kalmar is the industry leader in the Brazilian heavy forklift market and we have a very strong product and service support. confidence."

Kalmar heavy forklifts are trusted by customers around the world for their reliability, flexibility and precision in busy docks and heavy industrial applications. The forklifts supplied to VIX Logistics will be equipped with WOKO magnetic lifting magnets for moving large steel plates. Kalmar will also supply parts for VIX Logistics' 43 Kalmar equipment, reducing parts costs and shortening lead times. All equipment in delivery will be equipped with a telemetry control system, and Kalmar can remotely monitor the equipment with VIX Logistics to proactively provide maintenance operations or optimize adjustments.

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