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Factors affecting the life of lead-acid batteries

Factors affecting the life of lead-acid batteries

The failure of lead-acid batteries is a combination of many factors, depending on the internal factors of the plates, such as the composition of the active material, crystal form, porosity, plate size, grid material and structure, etc., and also depends on a series of external Factors such as discharge current density, electrolyte concentration and temperature, depth of discharge, maintenance conditions, and storage time.

The following mainly introduces external factors:

Depth of Discharge The depth of discharge is the degree to which discharge occurs during use. 100% depth refers to the release of full capacity. Lead battery life is greatly affected by the depth of discharge. The key considerations in design are deep cycle use, shallow cycle use or float charge. If a shallow cycle battery is used in a deep cycle, the lead acid battery will quickly fail.

  When the degree of overcharge is overcharged, a large amount of gas is precipitated. At this time, the positive active material is subjected to the impact of the gas, and the impact promotes the active material to fall off. In addition, the positive electrode plate alloy is also subjected to severe anodization and corrosion, so the battery is over Charging will shorten the application period.

  Temperature effects Battery life increases with increasing temperature. Battery life increases with increasing temperature over a range of temperatures because capacity increases with increasing temperature. If the discharge capacity does not change, the depth of discharge decreases as the temperature rises, so the life is prolonged.

  Effect of acid concentration As the acid concentration increases, the battery life decreases.

  Effect of discharge current density As the discharge current density increases, the battery life decreases because the positive electrode dioxide is loosely detached under the conditions of high current density and concentration.

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