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Forklift safety requirements

 a) personnel

1. The personnel who drive the forklift must undergo professional training, obtain the special operation certificate through the assessment of the safety production supervision department, and drive after the company's consent. It is strictly forbidden to operate without a license.
2. It is strictly forbidden to drive after drinking. You should not smoke, eat, chat, call mobile phones or talk on the radio during driving.
(2) Checking the vehicle
1. Before and after the forklift operation, check the appearance and add fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water.
2. Check start, run and brake safety performance.
3. Check that the light and speaker signals are complete and valid.
4. Check whether the pressure and temperature are normal during the operation of the forklift.
5. After the forklift is running, it should also check the external leakage and replace the seals in time.
(3) Getting started
1. Before starting, observe the surrounding area and confirm that there are no obstacles to the safety of driving, first whistle and start later.
2. For hydraulic (pneumatic) braked vehicles, the brake hydraulic (air pressure) meter must be safe before starting.
3. When the forklift starts, the driver should first confirm that the cargo is stable and reliable.
4. The start must start slowly and smoothly.
(four) driving
1. When driving, the height of the bottom end of the fork should be kept at 300~400mm, and the gantry must be tilted backward.
2. Do not raise the fork too high while driving. When entering or leaving the work site or on the road, pay attention to the presence or absence of obstacles in the sky. When the load is driving, the fork is not allowed to rise too high, which affects the stability of the forklift.
3. After unloading, first lower the fork to the normal driving position before driving.
4. When turning, if there is a pedestrian or vehicle nearby, the driving signal should be sent first. High-speed sharp turns are prohibited, and high-speed sharp turns can cause the vehicle to lose its lateral stability and tip over.
5. It is strictly forbidden to stop the fire when the forklift is driving downhill. In special circumstances, it is forbidden to brake during the driving.
6. The forklift must comply with the in-plant traffic rules during operation and must maintain a certain safety distance from the preceding vehicle.
7. When the forklift is running, the load must be at the lowest position that does not hinder the travel, and the gantry should be properly tilted backwards. Do not raise the load except when stacking or loading.
8. The height of the load shall not obstruct the driver's sight. When special circumstances affect the forward line of sight, drive at low speed when reversing

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