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Daily maintenance of forklift

1. Before starting, you should observe the situation around the forklift. (Pneumatic or braked vehicles, the brake barometer must read the specified value before starting.) Confirm the safety and start the whistle.
2. Before driving, check the various documents necessary for driving licenses, driving licenses, etc., and strictly prohibit the lack of certificates, less certificates, and driving without a license.
3. The forklift driver in the factory must strictly abide by the “Intra-plant Traffic Safety Management Standards” and the “Safety Production Code” when driving.
4. Check the technical status of each part of the vehicle according to the specified items and standards, so that the forklift is in good condition.
5. The fork should not be lifted too high when driving in the factory. When entering or leaving the work site or on the road, pay attention to the obstacles in the sky. Brakes and sharp turns are prohibited.
6. When the forklift is in the factory, the height of the bottom end of the fork should be kept at 300~400 mm, and the gantry must be tilted backward.
7. When the forklift truck in the factory runs over 7° and goes up and down with the speed higher than the first gear, the foot brake should not be used in special circumstances.
8. The brakes must be braked with the brakes during the loading and unloading of the items. If the crane is used to load and unload the workpiece, the driver must leave the cab.
9. It is forbidden to suspend the cargo in the air after the forklift truck stops in the factory. After unloading the cargo, the truck should be lowered and then driven.
10. When the forklift works in the factory, the landing must be stable. If necessary, it must be secured with rope and cable chain. The goods must be forked strictly according to the values ​​specified in the load curve diagram of the vehicle. Overloading is strictly prohibited.
11. When the forklift is running, no one is allowed to get on or off the bus, and it is strictly forbidden to stand on the fork legs.
12. When the forklift truck carries goods on the forklift, the weight of the cargo should be equally distributed on the two forks. The cargo should not be skewed, and one side of the article should be placed against the shelf. Small items should be placed in the collection box (board) to prevent falling. The items contained in the cart shall not obscure the driver's sight.
13. In the factory area and construction site, the speed is not allowed to exceed 10 kilometers per hour. When entering and leaving the factory gate, workshop, warehouse and construction site, the speed is not allowed to exceed 3 kilometers. Watch when the forklift is driving to prevent scratching and injury.
14. When lifting or driving the forklift in the factory, it is forbidden for any person to stand on the fork to hold the object or to balance. When the forklift forks are lifted and lowered, the goods are forbidden in the vicinity.
15. When the fork approaches or evacuates the item, the speed of the vehicle should be slow and steady. Pay attention to the wheels, do not crush the items, the wooden blocks (pallets) and the forks do not scrape the items to support the personnel.
16. It is strictly forbidden to use lifting forks and other accessories to carry out high-altitude operations, electric forklifts, prohibiting single-fork operations or using forks and pulling objects. It is forbidden to use the brake inertia to sway circular or easy-rolling items. The method of unloading the pallet by picking up the pallet. It is forbidden to fork items at high speed.
17. When the forklift is lifted in the factory, the lifting frame should be tilted forward with the ground, and the lifting frame should not be tilted forward.
18. When the factory is parked in the factory, in the workshop and on the construction site, the driver is not allowed to leave the car. If you need to leave temporarily, you must unplug the key and pull the electric switch down.
19. When the forklift stops the engine idling midway, the gantry should be tilted backward. When the engine is turned off, the hoisting carriage should be lowered to level the fork on the ground. It is not allowed to directly fork the goods on the shore of the dock and not to directly carry the goods on the edge of the train compartment.

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