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Mainly to complete the forklift of the goods

 Mainly to complete the forklift of the goods - on the way transport - the three basic steps of unloading the goods to the destination. The following describes the unloading technology of the Saferlifts forklift, which is divided into eight steps: 1. Approaching the cargo. The forklift is driven to the position where the cargo is unloaded, ready for unloading. 2. Adjust the fork height. The fork rises to the height necessary to align the delivery. 3, near the car alignment. Operate the shift lever, the forklift is chronic, so that the fork is located above the placed goods and stops. 4. Vertical gantry. Push the tilt lever forward and tilt the gantry forward until it is vertical. If there is a slope, allow the gantry to lean forward. 5, the fork fork unloading. Push the tilt lever forward and the fork slowly descends to place the cargo on the pallet. 6, retreat and fork. When the shift lever is hung up to the reverse gear, the brake is released and the forklift is retracted to the distance that can drop the fork. 7, the rear tilt door frame. Pull the tilt lever backwards and the mast tilts back to the extreme position. 8, adjust the fork height. Push the lift lever forward, the fork descends to the proper position, the forklift leaves, and the next round

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